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1. I'm a very very cool guy who most women say should charge THEM for sex. Can we negotiate your rate?

Well mister very very cool guy, I'm sure you've got ladies lining up, but my rates are affordable and non-negotiable :)



2. I'm hung like a rhinoceros. Should I bring my own condoms?

I always have many types of condoms on me, including magnums. If those happen to be too small, yes please! :p



3. I love a beautiful woman's ass. Why don't you allow Greek?

I simply do not enjoy it; however, I very much enjoy everything else I offer ;)

4. I've never met a courtesan before and I'm nervous. What will happen when you walk in the door?

In the wise words of Douglas Adams: Don't Panic! I'm here for you just as much as you are here for me. I'm sure I can make you feel comfortable enough to share all your concerns by email with me. We can even talk on the phone before meeting.

As for the moment I walk into the door, let's start with a kiss and go from there ;)



5. Will you elope with me?

I won't... but once we get to know one another, I am not opposed to traveling, honeymooning, exploring the world as we explore one another... I just won't ever get married!



6. Can I fuck you in the nose?

Silly silly boy... NO!

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